September 2017

Moscow and St. Petersburg

The Executive Course

Original 8-day operational management development program for middle and top-level executives
More than 21 000 alumni since 2004

Proven techniques in four training sessions

The course consists of four training sessions each dedicated to one aspect of operational management: delegation, motivation, employee development, and personal efficiency. The executives will be able to master necessary skills in only two days of the course.

The course is designed in a way that each subsequent training session builds on the results of the previous one and reinforces already acquired skills. Thus, the executives finish the course in high gear. As a result, they get the complete understanding of the whole process of operational management.

The four training sessions

Training 1.
Effective delegation
Tasks delegation is crucial process both for managers and subordinates because only joint effort allows achieving goals of the company. 
Participants will go step by step through the whole process of delegation, main methods and techniques.

Main issues covered:
— Management styles  
— Task setting techniques  
— Fixing responsibility  
— Non-financial motivation  
— Defining next steps  
— Control of implementation and feedback
— The main weight of tasks shifts to the subordinates
— Professional level of employees increases
— Management style of the executives becomes more steady

Training 2.
Effective motivation
Motivation and professional level of employees. Demotivation and how to deal with demotivated employees. Rising responsibility level of subordinates.

Main issues covered:
— Levels of motivation 
— Styles of leadership 
— Individual motivation techniques 
— Four levels of demotivation 
— Motivational session 
— Subordinates are more motivated to carry out their duties 
— An executive knows how to deal with demotivated employees

Training 3.
Employee Recruitment & Development

Development of key HR-skills of the leader: assessment, adaptation, firing, training and developing staff. Interview scenarios when hiring employees. How to create a development program from a newcomer to an experienced employee.

Main issues covered:
— Staff recruitment 
— Employee potential assessment 
— Changes in personnel 
— Employee adaptation 
— Team-mate growing model 
— Fundamental competences 
— Quality of recruitment is improved 
— Newcomers enter the workflow more rapidly 
— Process of subordinates development is accelerated 
— The executive’s assessment of employees becomes faster and more precise

Training 4.
Personal Efficiency
Every day an executive have to face with numerous contingencies.
The main goal of the training session is to teach participants indirect management methods. During this workshop participants will find out about goal setting, time management, and relationship building.

Main issues covered:
— Principles of goal setting
— Strategy for success
— Key areas of activity of the executive
— Plan system
— Dealing with failure
— The manager is focused on his key areas of activity
— Old business contacts resumed
— Goals became more attainable

The terms of participation


When paying for training: 48 000p
When paying for the entire course: 174 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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