August 2017

Moscow and St. Petersburg

Business development management

Author’s 8-day development program of change and team management skills for experienced executives
More than 1 000 alumni since 2010

Proven techniques in four training sessions

The program begins with the fundamental workshop on how to create a team and manage it. It is followed by a module dedicated to managing this team in challenging situations. The third module provides you with instruments for serious reorganization of the way of thinking when taking managerial decisions. The fourth module is aimed at profound work on oneself, reinterpretation of your priorities and ways of interaction with the outside world.

Thus, leadership behavioral skills mastered by participants during classes are fixed on the mental level as well. Due to this, the changes of executives after completing Business development management will be lasting and solid.

The four training sessions

Training 1.
Making management decisions
To organize successful teamwork a leader must correctly formulate a problem, react to and analyze it.
This workshop analyzes all stages of making a managerial decision: problem analysis, search for solution, choice of the optimal one. A big part of the material is dedicated to creative methods of thinking. 

Main issues covered:
— Rules of formulating a problem
— Three levels of problematic situations
— Proactive decisions
— Time-bound decision-making 
— Problems are clearly established and formulated
— Managers quickly identify the level of complexity of a problem
— More informed and balanced decisions are taken

Training 2.
Innovations management

Changes in business are a natural phenomenon, and in order to survive on the market one needs to be able to anticipate them. An important stage in the process of change is the right preparation to them. The program is aimed at creating innovations which will allow to make a leap in the development of the company. The workshop helps to identify weak sides and turn them into advantage.

Main issues covered:
— Systemic analysis of a company
— Identifying the bottlenecks that stifle progress
— Developing four success factors of the company
— Finding the driving points of advantage
— Improving the system on a tactical level 
— Good foundation for innovation is created
— Bottlenecks become advantages in the competitive environment
— Success is achieved with minimal risks for a company
— The system of innovation is correctly built; improvements contribute to the company’s development

Training 3.
Implementing change

About 80 per cent of all projects remain at the stage of ideas and are not being implemented. Other projects exceed the budget or implementation period. This workshop is dedicated to putting an idea correctly into practice, overcoming the resistance of employees and avoiding ‘division’ within a company.

Main issues covered:
— Defining the concrete goals for the project
— Preparing and creating the ground for change
— Stages and planning of implementing change
— Helping employees adjust to changes
— Maintaining project’s results and consolidation of a success
— The project is implemented in a company on time and on budget
— Employees adjusted to change; innovations led to strengthened corporate culture
— Key effectivity indicators of the company’s work increased

Training 4.
Leader and his team
Before starting to work on a project, it is necessary to gather a strong team. For that one needs to know who is able do the job productively and to be able to correctly assess whether a person is a good addition to the team.
During the workshop, participants will learn to create and consolidate a team, get acquainted with the methods of managing people in conflict situations and analyze bad practices and ways of improving them.

Main issues covered:
— Articulation of goals to the team
— Stages of team development
— Selection of team members
— Handling of conflicts
— Team planning sessions and problematic meetings
— Consolidated team of colleagues who respect and trust their executive
— Employees have a unified vision of their objectives
— Achievement of goals by common effort
— One key leader
— Productive meetings

The terms of participation


When paying for training: 48 000p
When paying for the entire course: 174 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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