October 2017

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Master of big sales

School of professional sales for key sales-managers
More than 3 000 alumni since 2002

Why do business deals sometimes not work out?

Master of big sales is an advanced class for leading sales managers, who work with important clients of the company.

The course is dedicated to preparation of manangers for working with big clients, during which they will come across much complicated problems than in ordinary sales:

•  Consolidate all stages of the sales; 
•  Show participants their strong and weak sides as sellers;
•  Give methods of work in different scenarios of difficult negotiations;
•  Preparing the participants to lead presentations and work with the auditory.

While training we are guided by the «minimum theory, maximum practice» principle. Trainer tells everything necessary for sales in details, but with an emphasis on working out specific skills.

The course starts on November, 2nd in Moscow and on October, 24th Saint-Petersburg. To participate in the most popular development program for executives in Russia you may fill an application on our website in the form below. The number of spots is limited.

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The terms of participation


When paying for training: 32 000p
When paying for the entire course: 96 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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