October 2017

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Master of big sales

School of professional sales for key sales-managers
More than 3 000 alumni since 2002
Training 1.
Principles of a successful deal
Wrong analisys of client's key needs will ruin manager's success.
To estimatimate your weak and strong sides participants go through a video case, after watching which they can analyze their behaviour and get feedback from the trainer.

Main issues covered:
— Six base sale stages
— Product presentation
— Revealing the client’s needs
— Working with objections
— Working out sales stage by stage
— Estimation of your weak and strong sides
— Techniques of leading the product presentation, revealing the client’s needs, working with objections are received
— Key instruments of working with clients are learned

Training 2.
Successful price negotiation. Bargaining
During the process of commercial negotiations there is a difficult tast of keeping your conditions during negotiations without spoiling relationship with a client.
The learning process is built the way that with every new exercise manager learns to see new nuance of the process, feel and manage it.

Main issues covered:
— Principal negotiations
— Working with manipulations
— Presenting and retention the price
— Concessions
—The participants are prepared for an upcoming bargain
— Techniques of working and manipulating with objections are given
— Working out the algorithm of leading the negotiation step by step

Training 3.
Situation. Problem. Amplification. Solution
Generally, interests and solutions of a client can contradict the services of company. That's why the manager needs to build the conversation the way that the client himselt would start to argue for the benefits of the product.
During training the participants get acquainted with "Question funnel", the methods of building questions, which would then come in handy practically.

Main issues covered:
— Client’s requirement analysis
— Collecting primary information about the client
— Finding out clients' problems
— Question funnel
— Making the problem into a need
— Ability to reveal client’s hidden needs
— All typical objections and answers for them are worked out
— Client’s methods of behavior are received
— Participants learned to pick problem questions, proceeding from the client’s problem

Training 4.
Presentation and work with objections
During work with the client it's critically important to present the product correctly.
On the training the participants make the acquaintance with our own method "3 types of presentation rehearsal", learn how to create a structure and work out the logic of narrative, they repeatedly practice their skills, giving presentations to each other.

Main issues covered:
— Preparing for the presentation
— Making up the text of the presentation
— Presentation stages
— Answering the questions and working
with objections
— Alive, not «mechanical» presentation on client’s needs
— Built-in system of arguments in product’s favor
— Ability to work with client’s objections

The terms of participation


When paying for training: 32 000p
When paying for the entire course: 96 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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