October 2017

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Tough negotiations skills

Business course for managers who have to participate in complex negotiations with partners, government delegates, customers and providers.

Tough negotiations skills

We include all must have techniques that will prepare you for negotiations of any level of complexity: analysis of an opponent, setting goals, patterns of responses to any kind of manipulations, retention goals algorithm. The training course is saturated with practical cases and negotiation competitions.
Training 1.
Tough negotiation skills

In tough negotiations opponent uses manipulations to achieve his goals: pressing, threats, lies, acting pathetic. Negotiations turn into a war. The training promotes skills, which will allow you to reach your goals without having a war with your opponent.

Main issues covered:
— Presenting and keeping your conditions
— Negotiation behavior algorithm
— Concessions. Ending negotiations
— Goals are achieved without loss of contact with interlocutor
— The director is ready for upcoming negotiations
— Skills of work with negotiation manipulations are developed

The terms of participation


When paying for the entire course: 48 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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