October 2017

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Big negotiation school

A course for leaders, who have tough negotiations with partners, clients, shareholders, suppliers
The course consists of four training sessions each dedicated to one aspect of negotiations leading: working out strategies for the negotiating sessions, conflict solving, resisting manipulations and position reinforcement strategies. During two days the directors get familiar and work out the themes of each training session.

Each participant leads over 20 negotiations and receives feedback from a professional business-trainer. Studies with people of the same level.
Training 1.
Tough negotiation skills

In tough negotiations opponent uses manipulations to achieve his goals: pressing, threats, lies, acting pathetic. Negotiations turn into a war. The training promotes skills, which will allow you to reach your goals without having a war with your opponent.

Main issues covered:
— Presenting and keeping your conditions
— Negotiation behavior algorithm
— Concessions. Ending negotiations
— Goals are achieved without loss of contact with interlocutor
— The director is ready for upcoming negotiations
— Skills of work with negotiation manipulations are developed

Training 2.
Big negotiation strategies

Strategic negotiations with key partners: main pitfalls in relations with partners, ways to identify problems and influence partner’s decision. How to improve relations with key partners and lead them to a new level of confidence and synergy.

Main issues covered:
— Working out negotiation strategy
— Revealing clients true needs and interests
— Effective argumentation
— Resisting manipulations
— Ending the negotiations and fixating arrangements
— New ways of influencing the partner while making important decisions
— Friendly atmosphere with key partners is built up
— Relations with key partners reached the synergy level

Training 3.
Power balance in negotiations

Preparing for tough negotiations with a strong opponent. How to weaken influence of the stronger side on the outcome of the negotiations and strengthen positions. You will receive an algorithm to reach your goals and reinforce the reached result.

Main issues covered:
— Psychological preparation for negotiations with a strong opponent
— Position reinforcement on negotiations
— Fixating decisions
— Power balance in negotiations is reached
— Negotiation sides are equal
— Goals of negotiations with important partners are reached

Training 4.
Conflict control

Training is aimed on forming skills and abilities of communication with different groups of people, on development of a directors ability to anticipate conflicts. In the process of studies different strategies of conflict control and an algorithm of their solution on any stage are discussed.

Main issues covered:
— Emotion control in conflict
— Conflict solving strategies
— Companies internal conflicts
— Human types by their behavior in conflicts
— Anticipating conflict
— Director is prepared for conflict negotiations
— Companies internal conflicts solved
— Opponent becomes a reliable partner

The terms of participation


When paying for training: 48 000p
When paying for the entire course: 174 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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