October 2017

Moscow and Saint Petersburg

Big negotiation school

A course for leaders, who have tough negotiations with partners, clients, shareholders, suppliers
Executives from more than 1 800 Russian and foreign companies chose Samolov Group as a reliable partner in management training and development. Our alumni work in different industries – from oil & gas and manufacturing to IT and mass media.

We provide recommendations on which group to join for training. It allows executives to complete the training among the equal partners, spurs exchange of experience and knowledge.
  • Golubeva Yulia

    Golubeva Yulia

    CEO, Krutoy Media

    I’ve been working with Samolov Group for five years and I know both its leadership and business coaches. What I like about the company is its approach to training and unpretentious style. They don’t try to increase the value of the training by telling you what a fool you are. I believe, it is a sign of conscientious approach.
  • Sergey Senin

    Sergey Senin

    HR Director, Freight One

    Cooperation with Samolov Group leaves entirely positive impressions.
    All the employees I’ve been communicating with — both trainers and consultants — are highly professional specialists in their field. Nowadays, while planning staff development of “Freight One” for the following year, my colleagues and I always consider Samolov Group as a deserving partner. We hope that our teamwork experience will grow into long-term collaboration.
  • Yuri Provkin

    Yuri Provkin

    CEO, Bystrodengi

    Getting a view from the outside is one of the strong points of the course. As an executive, I could gain structural feedback – that is essential. The result of cooperation with Samolov Group turned out to be higher than expected. We found growth in professionalism of the management team. Trainer’s approach is worth to be noted: he was open-minded and quick to give feedback. He saw people and adjusted to the collective. The professional. He made up a plan of training for each employee and gave a fair feedback – and that was vital.
  • Svetlana Semenova

    Svetlana Semenova

    CEO, NL International

    Samolov Group has a very specific and clear goal – to help a manager to become an effective executive. I believe that this is one of the best courses for executives in Russia.
  • Alexey Elizarov

    Alexey Elizarov

    CEO of Bank Zenit in Saint Petersburg

    Without any doubts, courses are useful, they give a lot of new methods and approaches in solving problems in management. I can recommend them to managers of any rank. Including those, who have rich experience, but have not gone through any trainings. Generally, these people have obtained high positions, and in this case the cost of a mistake multiplies.

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The terms of participation


When paying for training: 48 000p
When paying for the entire course: 174 000p


Three or more people participating from one company: 3%

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