Ulyana Samolova

  • — an expert in the executives’ teaching sphere;
  • — have worked on business-study market since 1989;
  • — founder and owner of a successful business, which survived 3 crises;
  • — ideologist and co-author of key programs in the business school;
  • — organizator and moderator of business conferences;
  • — author of publications in the business media;
  • — teacher in Novosibirsk State University ;
  • — member of jury and the expert council of «HR-Brand» of Russia and Ukraine.

Collaboration with media

Ulyana Samolova takes part in TV and radio programs, publishes materials in leading business media. Her views and expert assessment are based on her own experience, on practice with clients’ businesses and business school research.

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Yuriy Samolov

Professional business trainer with 20 years of leading experience. He has held training for over 400 top-managers over the last year. In addition, he personally coaches the leaders of the biggest Russian companies. Professional experience:

  • — Co-founder and the vice-president of Samolov Group;
  • — 17 years of experience in development and carrying out trainings in Russia and abroad;;
  • — Extensive experience in trainings for diverse leading auditory: from directors to the senior officers;
  • — «Leader preparation school» study program creator;
  • — Host of business conferences.