• 2016

    Winners of the award «Best business trainings» on Business education forum. Line of courses was expanded by the course «Big negotiations school». New corporative video reviews have appeared on the site. We became partners of more than 10 events and conferences in spheres of leading and HR, including HR-trainings EXPO 2016, Global forum, etc.

  • 2015

    We moved to a new office in the center of Moscow. «Master of Big Sales» and «The Executive Course» were launched in distance-learning format. Over 5 books издательства of «Mann, Ivanov and Weber» were released with the support of Samolov Group.

  • 2014

    We launched a catalogue under  brand «Samolov Group» for the first time. We became partners with the seminar of legendary Ichak Adizes, which took place in May. The list of services expanded with distance-learning studies. . We started active development of a testing platform.
  • 2013

    The group of companies «Samolov and Samolova» passed a rebranding, receiving the new name «Samolov Group»
  • 2012

    We opened a branch office in Saint Petersburg and representation office in Krasnoyarsk.
  • 2011

    We presented a new program - «The Leading course». In addition, we became partners of the HR-Brand Russia and HR-Brand Ukraine awards.
  • 2010

    «The Executive Course» was first held in open format in Moscow.

  • 2009

    Business school «Samolov and Samolova» was awarded with a prize «For contribution to the development of teaching and development market» at the Trainings Expo’09 exhibition.

  • 2008

    Corporate film «Leaders preparation school»,dedicated to the school, was made.

  • 2007

    Corporative system of study and leader assessment became the prioritized sphere of work.
  • 2005

    Opened an office in Moscow.
    Work with big clients all around Russia.

  • 2004

    We developed «The Executive Course» — a finished system of leader studies.
  • 2003

    First corporative university on leaders’ preparation for clients was developed.
    Our own system of business trainers’ studies developed.
    First conference «Business development management» for executives was organized.
  • 2002

    Post-training of coach-sessions was developed.
  • 1999

    First author's business trainings for executives are developed.
  • 1994

    The spectrum of services was expanded with business trainings – a format of study, aimed to develop skills (format of studies, which does not only give theoretical knowledge, but also develops skills).

  • 1989

    «Samolov and Samolova» school was founded.