Sales study

Teaching leaders and teaching sales specialists are equally a key service of Samolov Group. We spent a few years to develop one of the most effective technologies of studying and developing sales. Our trainings were tested – over 1100 companies studied our program, all technologies were tested by our own experience, adjusted non-stop and complemented for 25 years.

Main emphasis is put on teaching experienced and «expensive» sales. The training programs are built upon developing skills, either than sale basics. That is why bigger outcome comes from sellers, responsible for the largest turnovers and key clients.

Learning objectives

  • Work with key clients

    For managers, working with the top clients, we have a training with main features of «key» sales and skill training.
  • Bargaining

    One of the main study topics is having negotiations about price. We are giving techniques to work with clients’ manipulations, algorithms of presenting and keeping the price.
  • Presentation, working with auditory

    It is important for managers to make up goals of the presentation, form a structure and a clear plan, ability to control and affect the auditory, and work with clients’ objections.

Format of training

  • Training
  • Coach-session
  • Business game
  • Strategic session
  • Distance learning
  • Seminar
  • Coaching
  • Creative session
  • Conference
  • Exam

Professional trainers

There is a special system to train and develop professional trainers in Samolov Group. We think that it is not enough for a trainer to have his own sales experience. Any potential trainer in our company first works as a seller of Samolov Group, and after a worthy financial result becomes an intern-trainer. Trainer’s studies might take a few years, but this way we can guarantee his professionalism.


What we are not doing

We don’t conduct rope courses

Courses of this type are aimed at rallying the team and don’t affect employees’ professional skills, also distribution of roles in the business game doesn’t correspond to the situation at work.

We don’t conduct unverified programs to the market

All Samolov Group trainings have been verified and finalized for years. Before releasing a program on the market and presenting it to the client, we read and check it on our own company multiple times.

We don’t cooperate with freelance

All trainers have passed the company’s internal verification.

We don’t advertise trainers

We don’t emphasize on “star-trainers”, the main emphasis is put on the product. No matter what trainer you get, you can always be sure about the product’s quality and standards.