Staff assessment

At this moment, the direction of staff assessment is an integral part in Samolov Group. Our main objective is to ensure the development of leaders and sales-specialists. Our consultants are professionals, who received serious training in their specialization and have a long-term experience in assessment projects. They are our current trainers and constantly communicate with numerous successful leaders and sales-managers. Such experience allows our consultants to build up expertise in staff assessment.

Evaluation task

  • Staff assessment in the selection process

    We suggest remote assessment, which is a convenient primary filter of the candidate flow, enables fast and precise decision and lower the expenses on vacancy closure.
  • Involvement assessment

    Assessment helps to measure the level of involvement of each staff member and assess their overall level of involvement in company. Comprehensiveness and details of the assessment allow identifying conditions, which can be the reason of a low involvement.
  • Motivation system development

    Assessment exists to design a staff motivation system in the contexts of organizational changes and for loyalty and effectiveness increase. Questionaries allow to assess the most relevant needs and level of their satisfaction just in under 20 minutes.
  • Staff reserve

    In leading potential assessment the main condition for quality is objectivity. The assessment is structured in a way that the respondent meets real situations, in which he needs to make tough management decisions.
  • Staff attestation

    For staff attestation projects Samolov Group introduces internet platform for 360-assessment, and services for the development of knowledge tests and competence.
  • Analysis and staff turnover reduction

    After staff member leaves the company the reasons behind his decision often remains a pressing question. To detect them Samolov Group offers questionnaire, which analyses 7 main groups of reasons for staff member to leave the company.

Assessment Tools

  • 360-Assessment

    360-Assessment is used to receive feedback on staff member’s effectiveness. Staff member, colleagues, leader and his employees fill questionnaire on the level of competence level of a staff member. Questionnaire is developed in line with the objective of the assessment and competence, accepted as a standard.
  • Testing

    Tests are usually required in modern rhythms and volumes of business, their correct usage guarantees accuracy of the assessment. They let maximum people to be assessed in short periods, without expenses of objectiveness and reliability of the results. We offer both ready tests and the development of new tests on clients’ needs.
  • Questionnaire and research

    Organizational changes make a pressing point on people’s mood and expectations and the way they can affect the upcoming changes. The answer can be found by using questionnaires and corporative research, anonymous questionnaires on satisfaction and involvement, and corporative research.
  • Interview

    Individual interview is an in-depth assessment of one’s personal qualities, which lets difficult decision to be made about his purpose and development. Interview is often used together with business games and cases. It allows to compare results of completion these objective methods with assessed staff.
  • Project assessment

    Project assessment is implemented so that the staff can solve the problem connected with their work. The options that they develop not only make a contribution to development of the company and can be used further, but also make conclusions about assessed staff.